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Translating for Patients and Healthcare Professionals

Being understood accurately is important when the health of an individual is on the line. MotaWord provides exactly that through its global platform for individuals seeking to get medical care and medical institutions communicating with their patients.

MotaWord’s medical translations are delivered quickly and reliably around the world, 24/7. Our specialized medical translators ensure smooth translation into more than 114 languages, allowing you to focus on your care.

Our platform has extensive experience translating medical records with enterprise level security. Whether it is for patient intake, healthcare providers or insurance companies, we have someone who speaks your language!

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Instant Translation Quotes

MotaWord’s intelligent algorithms are able to analyse your document by performing an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in any language, performing a word count, and get you an instant quote. We really do mean “instant and no-obligation quotes 24/7 on any document type”. Your quote will indicate price and turnaround times. No more hunting for a person to ask “how much will my translation cost or how long it will take”. To see how easy we have made obtaining a quote see this short video.Or even better, give it a try by clicking the below link.

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Your Medical Translations, Faster

Over 24 thousand translators are ready to work for you. A smart algorithm that provides instant quotes. Real-live people ready to answer your questions. MotaWord can help deliver your translations within hours - rather than days. All it takes to obtain a quote on the translation of your medical records or healthcare documents is for you to upload them in any format on our platform.

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Supported Languages for Medical Translations

MotaWord supports translation service in over 114 languages. Feel free to contact us for any language you do not see on our list. For a full list of supported languages click here.

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Documents Requiring Specific Medical Knowledge

We have experience with documents requiring specific medical knowledge such as: Specialized Surgery, Cancer, Heart Services and Cardiothoracic Surgery, Neurology, Orthopedics and Pediatrics. We have specialized native speaker translators and proofreaders as well as industry professionals (medical degree holding translators) as vendors. Depending on your need, we can handpick a team of industry specialized translators working regularly on your projects, living in a specific country, trained to your style guides and for whom you can provide real-time feedback.

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HIPAA Security and Privacy

MotaWord Platform was designed and developed to operate in accordance with the HIPAA requirements. Through a secure, encrypted connection to MotaWord servers, all PHI is protected. Documents sent to MotaWord for translation are never shared with translators, and they will not be able to download them. All translation work is done on MotaWord’s own secure, cloud-based, translation management system.

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Life Sciences Translation Services

In the Life Sciences industry, it is crucial to be accurate, efficient and fast while being in regulatory compliance - language discrepancies must never become an issue. We can help you carry your products and knowledge to wherever you want to. Among its 24,000 human translators, MotaWord has someone who speaks your language!


Questions on your Medical Translations

Just click this link to talk to one of us instantly. MotaWord can help you around the clock for all your translation needs for Medical reports, Clinical trials, Medical documents, Clinical studies, Patient questionnaires and Patient-reported outcomes.