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Soon You Can Order Your Video Transcription and Translation Services Automatically From MotaWord!

You Already Know How to Order Translations Through MotaWord

  • MotaWord has many great qualities that makes the translation easier for you. The simplicity of the ordering process, besides the quality, speed, and price, is one of what makes our translation services exceptional. After uploading your documents and selecting the languages, you get an instant quote and have the option to move forward from there. Once your document is translated, proofread, and checked for quality and accuracy, you receive your translation in the format that you uploaded. We currently support more than 50 different formats and the list of supported file formats grows everyday and we are adding several important ones very soon.

The Same Process Will Be Available For Video Transcription and Translation Soon

  • Our product development team has been working on video transcription and translation process. We have seen a recent upward trend where our customers demand the same ease of use and speed in their video transcription and translation orders. For example, during Covid 19 our hospital clients wanted to convey their messages and updates to their Limited English Proficiency (LEP) patients quickly via videos. While we currently can support the video transcription and translation semi-automatically, the process of ordering has not been streamlined. When we complete the development, you will be able to order not only your actual files but also simply use a link from sources like YouTube and Vimeo to order your work.

How Does Video Transcription and Translation Work?

  • We know that our customers love the ease of ordering translation work in more than 50 formats through our platform. Basically, we are adding most widely used audio and video formats into the MotaWord’s supported document formats. Today, most people first create transcript from video and find a way to get the text translated into other languages. Alternatively, they seek to outsource video transcription, get the texts translated, and finally stitch them both together. This process is costly and time consuming. Instead, with the new MotaWord platform update, you will be able to drag and drop your audio or video files or just copy the URL (link to your video files, for example, from YouTube or Vimeo) and sit back, relax, and watch the progress of your files being transcribed and translated with amazing speed. We currently support “.mp4, .flv and .mov” extensions for video, “.mp3, .wav, .ogg, .flac” extensions for audio - new formats are being added constantly. If you have a specific requirement, we would be more than happy to implement those new file formats.

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