Professional Medical Translation Services

Medical translation is one of the areas of expertise that is highly demanded, especially lately, by both individual customers and companies. This fast-growing industry covers a number of solutions ranging from certified medical document translation services to localizing medical bulletins or drug data sheets. This being the case, finding a competent medical translator online has never been more challenging due to the large number of medical translation bureaus. MotaWord team is well aware of this situation and 24/7 available to translate your medical documents into over 112 languages in a professional manner.

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Medical Translation Agency

Providing the best medical translation services is the ultimate goal of MotaWord. That’s why we realize that even a small accuracy error or grammatical mistake in a patient report or instruction for use (IFU) document can put lives in peril. Our medical document translation software is designed in such a way to eliminate such issues by enabling a quality assurance process for any translated medical document. Having acquired a prominent position among other medical translation companies, MotaWord counts on its team of professional translators and editors experienced in medical terminology while providing medical localization services.

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Medical Language Translation

The first requirement of translating a medical document correctly is to possess a full understanding of the source and target languages. Whether a project regarding English to Spanish medical translation or of any other language combination is initiated on MotaWord, multiple translators who are native speakers of the relevant target language can start working on it at the same time. Therefore, the medical foreign language translation process is completed with shorter turn-around time. When the translation stage is finalized, professional proofreaders of MotaWord check the target document to eliminate any stylistic or grammatical errors to maintain a solid work in terms of medical language translation services.

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How to Translate Medical Documents?

Translation solutions for medical documents, one notable example being the medical equipment translation, depend on the specific type of document to be translated. For instance, a translator who is familiar with medical prescription translation may not provide the same level of quality while translating operation notes. Another example would be medical records translation services for which accurate and timely provision of localization is always of primary importance. At MotaWord, medical insurance translation is also performed in compliance with the regulations in the country where the target document may be used. So, you no longer need to worry about the bureaucratic processes when visiting a foreign country for healthcare reasons.

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Medical Document Translation Online

Due to their nature, medical documents may need a certification to be valid for use in other countries. Bearing this in mind while bringing certified medical translation services to its clients, MotaWord can authenticate your translated documents in many countries speaking different languages including Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Swedish, among others. As creating projects and uploading documents may become tiresome from time to time, the medical translation website of MotaWord has a user-friendly interface that drastically facilitates uploading documents and receiving instant quotes.

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Medical Translation Services Cost

Quality is a major factor that every client takes into account when deciding to collaborate with a translation provider or LSP; however, the cost of the relevant service is also critical. MotaWord makes use of state-of-the-art translation technology in order to present standardized medical translation rates per word. These rates also depend on the language combination. That is, a medical document translated from English to Italian may have a completely different quote than a Portuguese text translated into Japanese. The last parameter that affects the final service cost is the document’s area of expertise which constitutes an important step for assigning a project to certain teams of linguists at MotaWord.


Questions on your Medical Translations

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