translation services for school districts
translation for school districts

Translation Services for School Districts

Having worked with many school districts we understand all the challenges they face and we are now announcing new translation services for school districts that addresses not only a few but all these challenges. If saving valuable tax dollars while getting the highest quality translations with an amazing speed lures you, please read on. You will see how easy it is to get started working with MotaWord’s School District Translation Program.

new translation solution for school districts

The New Translation Solution Specifically Designed for
US School Districts

Statewide School District Translation Program
Public School Districts in the US are required to provide translation and interpretation services for Limited English Proficiency (LEP) individuals and families. This is a big challenge for many school districts as they are becoming more linguistically diverse. The main challenges they experience are that

  • translation projects cost too much and the budget is always tight
  • finding translation service providers that support all language translation needs is too difficult
  • manual workflows seem to be too slow due to unnecessary e-mail exchanges, they wait for a simple quotation for way too long etc.
  • the quality of translations is not always up to the expected standards

If your school district is facing some or all of these challenges, read on…

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translation cost saving

Incredible Cost Savings

As a local government, you want to get the highest quality translation service at the lowest cost. For this, we provide a special school district discount in the most widely used languages such as Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese and many more. This basically means you get more translations done for the same amount of money within a fiscal year.

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Cost Savings through Statewide Translation Memory

More Cost Savings through Statewide Translation Memory (SWTM)

MotaWord has a unique Statewide Translation Memory program that will further reduce the cost of your translation projects. Translation Memory is a database that stores all your translated sentences and paragraphs - once you pay for document translation, all sentences will be stored in the database for future use and you will not ever pay for the same sentence translation in that language pair ever. This is all good; however, school districts tend not to have the translation volumes like those large enterprises. To increase the amount of savings, we offer the SWTM, which allows school districts in the same state to take advantage of the Translation Memory savings of all other school districts’ translation memory. We anticipate that the total savings for each individual school district will be between 20% and 40%. Of course, the more school districts sign up for the program the more savings a school district will realize.

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fast translation for school districts

Amazing Quotation and Delivery Speed

Thanks to our large flesh-and-bone, professional translator and proofreader network along with our collaborative translation platform, we deliver your translation projects with an unsurpassed speed! We have over 20,000 translators who can work on your projects 24/7 and deliver them in 98 languages. You need quotations? You can get a quote in an instant!

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highest translation quality

Highest Quality Available in the Market

Whether you need to communicate with your students’ LEP parents, have the information on your website in different languages, need to translate your students’ records, or need to get contractual documents translated, our platform will deliver the best online translation services for school districts. While multiple professional translators work on your projects our expert proofreaders will check their work and make sure that the final work is perfect!

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How does the Statewide School District Translation Program Work

How does the Statewide School District Translation Program Work?

It really is simple! All you need to do is to get in touch with us. Simply call or email us or fill out this form to see a live demo. We will show you how MotaWord’s Artificial Intelligence supported platform works, answer your questions, and share a short Memorandum of Understanding document based on other school districts’ terms and conditions and share the great pricing with you.

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Help Us Spread the Word

Help Us Spread the Word!

Ever since we announced this program, School Districts like South Portland, St. Joseph, Lawrence Public Schools, Springfield, Missouri State, and many more joined us. Since your school district will be saving more through the SWTM when other school districts join this program, help us spread the word and save more! Once you refer another school district to the program and when they join, your district will get extra discounts. Call or email your counterparts at the other school districts and mention this program to increase your savings. Or just tell us who else may need to be on this program by filling out this form and we will reach out to them.

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Our team will be more than happy to answer your questions. To get a free consultant about our school district translation program, contact us now.