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7 Ways to Save Time and Money on Your Translations

We all know that translations can be quite expensive. This is understandable. After all, it usually takes far longer to truly become an expert on a foreign language than the standard four years one normally spends in college when learning other subjects. This means translators, quite naturally, want to be well compensated for their efforts. However, affordable document translation that is both fast and of the highest quality is perfectly possible if you know a few essential tips and tricks. This article will explain the most important ways in which you can save money from translations.

Another common obstacle that is frequently encountered when translating documents is the fact that the translation process can be very time-consuming. Fortunately, there are also many useful technologies and techniques that can help you save time on translation. So, let's get right down to it. How to save money and time on translations?

Create Translation Memories

One of the most important ways in which you can save time and money on translation is by using Translation Memories. Translation Memories are databases where previously translated segments can be stored to be used in your future projects. This means that any repeated content will be automatically and instantaneously translated free of charge, which goes a long way towards helping you save money and time on translation.

Whenever we at MotaWord translate any of your documents, we will do this for you automatically. Simply send us your files and we will be glad to help you save time and money on translation without requiring any effort on your part. If you would like to find out more about Translation Memories, feel free to check out our articles on the subject.

What is Translation Memory (MT)

Translation Memory - It's What Friends Use For Your Translations

Collaborative Translation

Collaborative Translation is MotaWord’s unique approach to translation and it has completely revolutionized the industry. Rather than having only one translator working on each file, our highly trained translators work together simultaneously, vastly reducing the turnaround time and greatly helping you save time on translation.

The proofreading stage also takes place simultaneously with the translation. However, only one proofreader works on a project at any given time, which guarantees a much higher level of consistency, both in terms of terminology and style, while still helping save time on translation.

Translation API

Employing APIs can be a great way to save time on translation. The abbreviation “API” stands for Application Programming Interface. They enable developers to integrate useful program features and merge previously developed translation capabilities into their own platforms without needing to create them from the ground up. That’s why many companies are creating their own API developer portals to help developers with the implementation of their own products.

If you are trying to save time on translation, APIs can be extremely helpful. Intelligently using machine learning in conjunction with statistical machine translations, these APIs can automatically translate your content, which then goes through a thorough and strict Quality Assurance process that ensures that any kinks or problems are solved.

Separate Untranslatable Content

Another way to save time and money on translation can be done on your end. If your documents have any content that should not be translated, it can be helpful to highlight it or, in some other way, separate it from the translatable content. This way, translators can finish their job more quickly and you will not be charged for unnecessary work, helping you save money on translation.

Make Use of Translation Technology

In the old days, translation was a highly manual, laborious process and there was no good way to save money and time on translation. Every single segment had to be meticulously translated one by one, independently of how many times they repeated across your documents. Technology has solved many of these problems. In addition to Translation Memories and Translation APIs, which we mentioned above, there are several other forms of technology that can help you save time and money on translation while simultaneously increasing quality and consistency.

CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) Tools are, perhaps, the single most important addition to any translator’s arsenal. In addition to dividing the text into easily translatable segments, it displays the source content side by side with the target translation fields, eliminating the need to keep switching between two open windows or, worse yet, scrolling up and down. They also provide multiple Quality Assurance features and integrate seamlessly with other technologies such as Translation APIs, Termbases and Translation Memories. Without CAT Tools, it would be almost impossible to save time and money on translation.

Termbases, which we mentioned in the above paragraph, can also be incredibly useful. They are databases where previously translated terminology can be stored. Since, oftentimes, there can be several equally correct translations from which to choose for a specific term, Termbases help ensure that every translator will use the same one, which improves consistency as well as the overall quality of the final product. Termbases differ from Translation Memories in a small but significant way. Whereas Translation Memories store whole segments, Termbases usually store specific terms along with their definitions and any relevant explanations.

Finally, there are Translation Management Systems. These are absolutely crucial for translation agencies. They make it possible for clients, translators and project managers to easily work together by providing a shared environment with powerful communication tools. They are also an essential part of any attempt to save money and time on translation.

Of course, we don’t even need to mention the Internet. In the past, translators had to do grueling research whenever they encountered a technical term or word they did not know. Today, anyone can quickly find the meaning and ideal translation for even the most complex terminology. Thanks to technology, it is much easier to save time and money on translation.

Think Long Term

If you want to save money and time on translation, it is crucial to try and think in the long term, particularly when you have large, ongoing translation projects. How often are you going to be needing translations? How quickly do you need them delivered? Will the contents of your documents change in the foreseeable future? Questions like these can greatly help you save time and money on translation as well as prevent any possible issues.

Do Not Forget the Quality

Of course, it makes no sense to save money and time on translation if the end product is going to be of poor quality. This is why it is important not to try and cut corners. Here at MotaWord, we will work with you to minimize your costs while providing you with a translation of the highest possible quality within the shortest possible time. Helping you save time and money on translation is our mission.

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